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Servant. Leader. Pastor.

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What's Up, Family!

I'm John C. Richards, Jr.

...a Brunswick, Ga. Native, Pastor, Transformational Leader, Father, Husband, Social Engineer, and Lawyer, who is Redeemed by Christ.

My Life's Mission

These missional values drive who I am and what you'll find here on my site.

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Love, shepherd, and steward my family to love Christ in deeper ways.

Need a Glimmer of Hope?

Well, download my FREE ebook today!

The Tenacity of Hope is a 30-day devotional on disappointments, loss, and everything in between. It was created to help you HOPE again.

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My Podcast

Questions Worth Answering is a short devotional podcast. Start your day with some self-reflection and encouragement. 3-minutes a day to help you grow in your faith.

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