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Helping You Become 
a Better Bible Student


  • 4 study tips in 7 minutes that will drastically improve your personal study time

  • 14 of the best free online resources that will enhance your study

  • 1 Bible memorization tool to help you memorize and retain God's Word

Bible Study is Hard...But It Doesn't Have to Be

Over the years, I have helped thousands of men and women overcome their frustration with reading and studying God's Word. ​

You have everything you need to be more effective in your personal Bible study time. Sometimes, you just need a guide. I'll help guide you through the frustrations.  And you can start with these three key things...

Key #1

I've found tips in my life that have helped me become a better student of God's Word. If you grasp these four things along your journey, you'll see your study life grow by leaps and bounds.

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Key #2

The key to effective Bible Study is having the right tools. Each month I'll send you an exclusive video that helps you use the right tools to read Scripture more effectively.

Key #3

You don't need to buy a bunch of books to better understand the Bible. In fact, I have 14 FREE resources that you can start using right now to make you better at reading and interpreting Scripture. 

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Dr. Brianna Parker

"In his quest to deliver practical understanding of the Word of God, John excavates the text for gems that others are afraid to discover!"

Dr. Justin Phillips

"John preaches and teaches in the soil of real life. He is theologically grounded, justice minded, and truly filled with the good news!"

Charles Coleman, Jr.

"John does an excellent job adding real life context to the Word in a manner that's not only straightforward but also easy to follow."
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