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5 Podcast I Enjoy On My Commute

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

I try to maximize my time in the car during my morning commute. One way I try to be productive is by listening to thoughtful podcasts. I am a big fan of podcasts. And I have two podcasts that I record myself: The Seminary Toolbox Podcast and The Box and 1 Podcast ( But five podcasts are a regular part of my rotation. I figured I’d share them with others who are looking for some content to consume during their morning commute/workout.

I love history. This podcast helps me itch my history buff scratch. I am especially enjoying their "History of the Civil War" episodes. The Battle of Shiloh (my daughter’s name) episode reminded me of just how taxing the war was on both sides and how Civil War battles were won or lost by little decisions from leadership. Good leadership lessons in these episodes too.

I’m a lawyer. And I attended a law school heavily invested in social justice and producing “social engineers.” So obviously, a podcast on justice in America appeals to me. If you are interested in learning about criminal justice reform, this is the podcast for you. The hosts are engaging and they tackle a wide array of topics from bail to plea deals. There’s even an episode where the hosts sit down and have a conversation with John Legend. This podcast is worth adding to your playlist.

I’m always interested in hearing from other Christian parents about what they do to help raise their kids and love their spouses in today’s culture. I know Daniel Im from some of our work together in our respective organizations and he’s a solid guy. The podcast discusses many topics, from raising money-savvy kids to family travel hacks. I especially like that the Im family provides cool resources in every episode that could be helpful for any parent.

I am not Nigerian, but I can’t get enough of this podcast. Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji combine to provide tons of laughs and thoughts on everything from Nigerian weddings to what they call the fine print of success. One of the few podcasts I can think of where you laugh and learn at the same time.

Every weekday the first podcast I fire up is the New York Times’ The Daily podcast. The Daily mostly discusses politics and culture, but the content is very riveting and is narrative journalism at its best. I cannot commend this podcast enough to those interested in what’s going on in our world (especially politically and culturally).


Question: Any podcasts on your must-listen list? Drop them below in the comments.

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