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I'm Back

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

It's been a while. You never realize how busy your schedule gets until you neglect something you love to do. This blog is one of those neglected things. But now that I've sat down to write down some things I feel like Tony, Toni, Tone ( . "It feels good to be back." I won't bore you all with how much I have on my plate. I think a previous post addresses that. I probably have a lot more on my plate since then. So needless to say, I am busy. But this post is not about that. [featured-image] This post is an update on what I've been up to since my last post. A lot of interesting stuff going on:

1. Engagement Shots

Engagement shots look great. Sheri and I took our engagement shots and they look great. The whole stitches in the eye thing was something that I was worried about. But looking at the pictures, you could hardly tell. We went down to Orange County at took pictures at San Juan Capistrano Mission ( . If you have a chance to get down

there, it's an amazing place. It is one of the oldest missions in the state of California.

2. Five months to go

So we are only five months away from our wedding date. We are totally amped about getting married. I think it's because we cannot wait to go here. Well, I guess being husband and wife has a little something to do with it. It's just exciting to be starting another chapter in my life. I'm getting ready to enter the wife/kids stage of my life. Well kids won't come until much later, but the potential responsibility of it all is a bit humbling. I'm very grateful to have someone who compliments me and my gifts.

3. Podcasting

I really enjoy podcasting but am a bit disheartened by my lack of time lately. It's been a while since I've had a chance to do it. Also, I haven't been able to update my other website. I don't have personal access to that site, so it takes effort to coordinate with my buddy to be able to post stuff on there.

Hopefully, it will all come together soon. I think things will go more smoothly once I am done at Fuller. I have some things in the pipeline with respect to future ministry that I totally anticipate doing, but I definitely won't be doing much until after I finish seminary. Don't want to be jumping the gun.

4. Hebrew is fun

I started this quarter dreading taking Hebrew. The language looks nothing like any other language. At least with Greek, I knew the alphabet from my college days (although I never pledged any fraternity). First of all, Hebrew reads right to left. I had to totally get used to reading from right to left. Now that I'm three weeks into the language though, it's actually getting to be fun. Opening the Hebrew Bible and recognizing words that I know in particular passages has been rewarding. I thought that Hebrew would be a big hassle, but it is turning out to be something that I enjoy. Funny how things work out. It's good to be able to get some words down. Phew.

I'm back...and it feels good.

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